Decisions, Decisions

Don’t mind me. Just venting. Carry on.

I am not quite sure where I want to attend college – in state, out of state; I’m not even sure what I want to do, what I want to be, or what I want to major in. I enjoy writing, but I don’t plan on pursuing it as a career. I enjoy helping people and am interested in the medical field, however, I can’t stand the sight of blood, and I’m not a huge fan of stressful situations. I love children and I would love to be a teacher for the rest of my life, but teachers don’t get paid enough from what I’ve heard. I’m torn between doing things that make me happy and things that would bring in a good paycheck to help sustain me for the rest of my life. Most, if not all, teachers I’ve had have taken on between one and three other jobs besides their teaching career. I want to be able to have time on my hands and not work my life away. I hate the idea of maintaining one job for the rest of my life and being bound to it, especially if it’s not something I am passionate about. I just want to travel and maybe be a barista at a little coffee shop and read books and write and journal and dance and sing to my heart’s content. I guess the goal at the end of the day is to be happy. I want to be happy.


One Nation Under God.

More often than we are comfortable with, we hear about terrible crimes and events that are taking place in our country. There is so much happening in this world that is too crazy for us to comprehend. About a month or so ago I started thinking about how we use to say the Pledge while facing the flag every morning before school, and I started to recite the words to myself. “..unto the republic for which it stands. One nation under God. Indivisible. For liberty and justice for all.” As I recited this to myself, I began to realize that those statements aren’t so true anymore.

As a nation, we have lost sight of the fact that we are one nation. We are suppose to stand together and support each other. We are suppose to be one nation under God. Indivisible. FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. This nation is being led astray in so many different directions.

Ethnical issues and nationalistic views are making their way back to the surface again causing people to turn against each other. I’m seeing humans, but no humanity.

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” -Ronald Reagan