discovering happiness.

Sadness has always been something that has lingered with me since my freshman year of high school; I had come to the conclusion that I would never find love or happiness in any form. However, coming up on my junior year in high school, I was lucky enough to stumble upon some lifelong friends.

There is such a sweet moment in my life that I feel is necessary to share:

One night we were driving down the road, listening to our favorite song. I looked around at all of them, laughing until they were crying, hair in the wind, wide smiles on their faces, and I thought to myself: this. this is happiness.

I came to the conclusion that they were happiness, they were family. They made me feel loved, and they made me forget about my troubles for a while. I realized that love and happiness do not come from what people can see on the outside. It is  not something that can simply be captured in a picture.

It is a phone call when you are crying hysterically by yourself on the side of the road. It’s a hug. It’s laughter. It’s a smile. It is your friends showing up at your house unexpectedly to keep you company for no reason at all. Love is not an obligation. It is your friends staying with you even when you want to be left alone to cry. It’s the sincere, “I’m proud of you” after a big accomplishment. It is priorities and an unexpected change in plans. It is just being there for moral support.

I never thought I would find love and happiness. But I found it in the eyes of great friends. And I would not want it any other way.


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