I’ve never been one to take chances. But I did. Today I took a chance. I thought to myself that it is better to take this chance and see the outcome rather than not and wonder what could have happened for the rest of my life. 

I learned so much just by taking a chance. It became another story to tell. Just another life experience that makes me unique. 

So yes it was rejection, but it proved to be more than that. It was growth. Without experiencing rejection and life experiences where things do not go our way, there would be no growth. No stories to tell our kids. No advice to give to our friends when they are going through something similar. 

It is something that builds to us as a person. It makes us stronger depending on our outlook. For me, it has made me stronger and more mature. Today’s rejection actually made me feel better about myself in an odd way. It made me proud of myself for taking that chance that many girls would not dare to take. And I actually inspired many by what I was doing. 

You never know until you try. I’ve found that things are worth the chance no matter the outcome. And I’m continually growing. One rejection at a time. 


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